Fun facts about transaction coordination

  • Transaction coordinators spend an average of 12.5 hours on a typical transaction


  • The average agent spends approximately 19 hours managing a transaction


  • The average agent will spend in excess of $700 in his/her time managing a transaction


  • Utilizing a professional coordinator can save the Agent over $400 in time


  • Average number of transactions managed by one TC at a time: 18


  • Many insurance companies offer a reduced E & O premium to the Brokers that have standardized their transaction process


  • Dedicating someone solely to the transaction process releases the Agent of administrative responsibilities, allowing Agents to do what they do best, create relationships and drive new business


  • By adopting and implementing a Transaction Coordinator program, Brokers may centralize and standardize the company’s processes


  • A Transaction Management Platform offers a means in which tasks and deliverables are tightly managed with accountability measurements in place


  • Clients will find that transaction management platforms allow them quicker and more comprehensive answers to many of their questions thus alleviating the primary consumer complaint of “lack of communication.”

*source information 


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