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Realtors asked for marketing and transaction coordination packages….we listened!

Real estate package deals

We have met with several Realtors lately, and it seems everyone needs something a little different.

Some only want marketing services, while others only want transaction coordination services.  Most of the Realtors we met with expressed an interested in PACKAGES!  Realtors asked….we provided!

We have developed a new pricing structure that offers…you guessed it….PACKAGES!  We will now offer 4 types of packages: Marketing only; Listing thru closing TC; U/C thru closing TC; and a Marketing/TC combined package.

Now, no matter what type of service you and your clients need, you can find a transaction coordination package or real estate marketing package that’s perfect for your needs!

You can find more info about the packages we offer on our services page.


Fun facts about transaction coordination

  • Transaction coordinators spend an average of 12.5 hours on a typical transaction


  • The average agent spends approximately 19 hours managing a transaction


  • The average agent will spend in excess of $700 in his/her time managing a transaction


  • Utilizing a professional coordinator can save the Agent over $400 in time


  • Average number of transactions managed by one TC at a time: 18


  • Many insurance companies offer a reduced E & O premium to the Brokers that have standardized their transaction process


  • Dedicating someone solely to the transaction process releases the Agent of administrative responsibilities, allowing Agents to do what they do best, create relationships and drive new business


  • By adopting and implementing a Transaction Coordinator program, Brokers may centralize and standardize the company’s processes


  • A Transaction Management Platform offers a means in which tasks and deliverables are tightly managed with accountability measurements in place


  • Clients will find that transaction management platforms allow them quicker and more comprehensive answers to many of their questions thus alleviating the primary consumer complaint of “lack of communication.”

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Benefits of using a transaction coordinator

Brokers and agents alike, can benefit from the services that a Transaction Coordinator can provide. Realtors who spend less time on paperwork have more time to meet with potential clients.

Effective Transaction Coordinators are extremely organized, thorough and efficient. They provide the oversight needed to ensure that all files are complete and ready to close. Hiring an experienced Transaction Coordinator is like having a personal assistant for each real estate transaction file.

Transaction Coordinators often find costly mistakes and fix them before they cause problems. Good Transaction Coordinators keep detailed notes and records of any activity that occurs within a real estate transaction file. They may find documents that are filled out incorrectly, missing signatures and initials or completely forgotten. These small mistakes remain just that, if caught and remedied in a timely manner.

Transaction Coordinators can help Realtors maintain a professional reputation by making sure that no one else see’s these small mishaps. All parties involved in a real estate transaction can breathe easily knowing that someone is there to double check and organize these files.

Transaction Coordinators gather contact information for all parties involved and provide consistent updates and feedback to foster a sense of transparency and clarity.

Transaction Coordinators  are as invested in the transaction as the seller, buyer and agents. If files don’t close, we don’t get paid. If files don’t close, Realtors will opt not to use our service. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to make sure each transaction is handled correctly and in a professional manner.

​Our job is to make Realtors look experienced and organized. Why not let us help you shine? We work for you, behind the scenes, every step of the way. We want you to succeed!